Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bank of INDIA started MISS call based Balance Enquiry

In wake of easy and better customer facility now its time for BANK of INDIA which is provides miss call based SAVING bank account balance enquiry.

Now Bank of India customer can get account balance from saving account using miss call.Customer can give miss call on 02233598548  from their registered mobile number.Disconnect the call after rings . Savings account balance will be sent as SMS


  1. Very useful for me as i dont have an ATM.

    The sad thing is BOI doesn't gives atm CARD if i dont HAVE a Pan Card.

  2. For HDFC bank customer ,To know your Account balance . Just miss call to 18002703333 using registerd mobile

  3. I have two accounts linked with same number. How would I check balance for another acccount?

  4. Normally you will get the Detail of all Saving Bank account that is having same mobile mobile number. This is functionality is basically observed in HDFC bank.I am sure BOI might be on same track