Monday, May 15, 2023

Block /Track and Know your mobile connection. : Sanchar Saathi portal

 The Department of Telecommunications has launched the Sanchar Saathi portal to provide citizens with tools to manage their mobile connections and increase awareness about government initiatives. The portal enables users to identify mobile connections issued in their name and disconnect any unnecessary connections. It also offers features to block or trace lost mobile phones and verify the authenticity of devices when purchasing new or used phones. Refer this link to know mobile number owner

One of the modules on the Sanchar Saathi portal is the CEIR, which assists in tracing lost or stolen mobile devices and blocking them on all telecom networks in India to prevent their misuse. If someone tries to use a blocked mobile phone, its traceability is generated, and once the phone is found, it can be unblocked on the portal for normal use by the citizens.

The TAFCOP module allows mobile subscribers to verify the number of mobile connections taken in their name and report any connections that are not required or not taken by them.

Additionally, the portal includes a "Keep Yourself Aware" facility that provides users with the latest updates and awareness material related to end-user security, telecom, and information security.

For Quick User Manual Refer this link