Tuesday, March 25, 2014

EPFO to issue UAN(Universal Account Number) by October 2014

Employees Provident Fund  Organisation (EPFO) will start providing permanent or universal account numbers (UAN) by October this year all members spread across the country.
EPFO has engaged Centre
The C-DAC is the premier research and development organisation under the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology for carrying out R&D in IT, electronics and associated areas.
Once the UAN is allocated, a subscriber would not be issued new PF account number on joining new employer. This will sure provide great relief to those workers in organised sector who frequently change jobs, particularly, in the construction sector.The UAN would be one account number which would be allotted to a subscriber for various schemes run by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) for his or her entire service period with different employers.

for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to prepare a roadmap for implement this big project. The new numbers will help EPFO members the reduce the pain of filing provident fund account transfer claims on changing jobs.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Bank of India first nationalized bank to implement RBI guidline for CARD less withdrwal:Instant Money Transfer

Today Bank of India has started initiative and much awaited product called IMT (Instant Money Transfer). Earlier Bank of India was first nationalized bank to implement account balance facility using Missed call by mobile. Bank of India is first nationalized bank which has started this service after recent RBI guideline to provide card less withdrawal.According to bank they says that this product will be helpful for Migrant labor to send money to their native and prevent them using parallel financial institution and their high charges
The facility can be initiated by the bank’s customer over bank’s ATM and retail Internet banking.

The sender initiates IMT by providing receiver’s mobile number, four digits sender code, the IMT amount and authorises the transaction from either bank’s ATM or bank’s internet banking.
The sender provides receiver’s name, address and mobile number to the bank either on SMS or Internet banking. The receiver receives the notification of IMT on his mobile phone, along with a four-digit SMS Pin.The sender separately communicates the four-digit sender code to the receiver.Then the receiver, after getting these two pieces of information - one from the sender and the other on SMS, walks into the bank’s nearest IMT-enabled ATM and withdraws cash by punching in the mobile number, sender code, and SMS Pin.

Features of IMT
- Card less Withdrawal
-Charge of Rs 25 per remittance
-Sender limit Rs. 10,000 per transaction
-No bank account need for Beneficiary
-Mobile number Required
-Secure code sent to receiver
-Remittance can be initiated by Bank of India ATM or Internet banking
-Monthly Remittance is 25,000 for a month
-Secure code is valid for 14 days