Saturday, November 30, 2013

Debit card will require ATM PIN to do POS Transaction

For using your debit card at retail outlets, you need to use your existing ATM PIN. This is as per RBI mandate. For every merchant transaction that involves payment through debit card — for example, shopping at a mall, payment at a restaurant or petrol pump — the debit card holder would have to key in the ATM PIN after the card is swiped at the handheld electronic device. The transaction will be validated only after the account holder keys in the PIN.This would be applicable across every merchant transaction in the country.

To increase security of card transactions. If entering a PIN is mandatory, then someone with a stolen card will not be able to use it for payment. The RBI has asked all banks to put in place measures to make card transactions more secure. The banks are looking to develop backend technology to enhance security. Till now Banks that have not introduced the system are in the process of doing so


Friday, November 8, 2013

Transfer your EPFO account Online

EPFO india has done one of great job in terms of technology oriented facility and helped the people who switch there job often. This will sure reduce paper work and time.Now  It won't be a problem anymore, at least for a lot of us. The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) launched a transfer claim portal on October 2 that will allow you to file for EPF transfers online.

The new facility, which can be accessed through the EPFO website (, promises to streamline the process of transferring EPF money as well as help avoid unnecessary delays. EPF subscribers had been finding the old method of filing paper applications cumbersome, inefficient and time consuming.To use this service at least one of your employers (current and previous) will need to have their digital signatures registered with the EPFO. Also, both your previous and present provident fund account number should be available in the EPFO database.
The website also has a 'View status of Transfer Claim' that lets you track the progress of transfer applications made online or using the paper route.
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