Monday, June 17, 2013

What is Inter-bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) ?

Inter-bank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS)

Now you can send/receive money using mobile number and an additional 7 digit MMID number. The benefits are multiple-Only Mobile Banking customers can remit money under IMPS. However, all customers can receive funds in their accounts using this Service.If you wish to receive funds through IMPS, please register your mobile number with the Bank and get 7 digit MMID. For receiving remittance, you will share your mobile number and MMID with the person sending money (remitter).

How to get MMID number?
All our mobile banking customers are issued 7 digit MMID for the primary account registered. For obtaining MMID for other accounts, they may visit the Branch and apply for MMID by filling up a form.
You can also generate MMID for all your accounts enable for Mobile Banking Service, through menu option- IMPS- Generate MMID. IMPS Merchant Payments (P2M - Person-to-merchant) service allows customers to make instant, 24*7, interbank payments to merchants or enterprises via mobile phone. IMPS enables mobile banking users a facility to make payment to merchants and enterprises, through various access channels such as Internet, mobile Internet, IVR, SMS, USSD.
The key features of IMPS merchant payments service are as follows:
· Instant Interbank fund transfer
· Merchant needs to get on-board IMPS network with one Bank. Customer of any Bank in the IMPS
       merchant network can make payment to merchant through IMPS
· Convenient and time-saving
· Anytime, anywhere service
· Safe & secure
· 24*7*365 availability Instant
· Instant confirmation to sender and receiver
Customer needs to be a mobile banking user of their respective Bank. Customer needs to do the following in order to get started:
· Register mobile number with the account in the respective Bank
· Get MMID. MMID stands for Mobile Money Identifier and is 7-digit number that is provided by Bank to customer. This number is used to identify customer Bank and is linked to the account number. The combination of mobile number and MMID is unique for the particular account, and customer can link same mobile number with multiple accounts in the same Bank, and get separate MMID for each account
· Get M-PIN. M-PIN is Mobile PIN, a secret password that is provided by Bank to customer. Customer needs to authenticate transaction using M-PIN
· Download mobile banking application or use SMS / USSD facility provided by the Bank. In order to perform IMPS transactions, customer needs to download mobile banking application or use SMS / USSD facility provided by the respective Bank
 · Perform transaction using mobile banking application or SMS / USSD facility

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Forget Credit/debit card pay your bill using Smartphone :NFC :Near field Communication

What is NFC?
NFC stand for Near field Communication which is next generation a wireless communication technology which allows users to simply wave or tap their phones over another NFC enabled device to exchange any desired information.

 This feature of NFC is  also used by shoppers to make payments through their mobile phones by simply bringing the phone within 10 cm of a hardware device used which is used for accounting. The technology makes use of electromagnetic radio fields to transfer data from your phone to the computer. All you have to do to transfer data is wave your phone in front of the store accountant’s computer. In order to work, both the devices involved in the data transfer need to be equipped with NFC.

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