Friday, February 14, 2014

Soon Recive cash without Debit card from ATM :RBI

RBI has suggested a innovative idea for  individuals without a bank account will soon be able to receive money from those with bank accounts, using automated teller machines (ATM).
This will help of having a formal bank account by millions of people living in small village town.
The sender can have money withdrawn from his/her account through ATM machines, he said.
Under this process if a person with bank account wants to send money to a person who doesn't have bank account then He need to send a secure code to mobile number of the person to whom he wants to send money.
When receiver gets the secure code on their mobile then he need visit nearest ATM and use that secure code on ATM machine to get cash instantly.


Friday, February 7, 2014

Get you SYNDICATE BANK account balance by Miss call :09664552255/ 08067006979

Recently Syndicate bank is also on same path of providing better customer service by providing miss call balance enquiry. You can miss call to  09664552255 or  08067006979  from registered mobile number to get balance information.If you are not registered for this service then please follow this simple step

Procedure for Registration
1. Customer should register himself/herself (onetime) for SMSBanking by sending an
SMS to 09664552255 from his/her Registered Mobile Number available in Bank’s
System. The SMS format should be -
SREG <<Cust-ID>
e.g., If your Customer Id is 12345678,
send SMS “SREG 12345678” to 09664552255
(This is a one-time activity. If already registered earlier by using 56767, there is no
need to register again)
 2. Customer will get a confirmation Message for the above step
(In the Bank’s System, the latest CASA Account-No. linked to the Customer Id will
be registered as the Default Account-No. for Missed Call Banking)
3. Once confirmation is received, Customer can give a missed call to 09664552255 or  08067006979
The call made will get automatically cut after one or two rings.
4. Customer will then receive an SMS mentioning the outstanding balance for the
Default Account-No.
 5. If the Customer has more than one account and wants to change the Account
Number for which he/she wants to know the balance, he/she can change the
Default Account-No. by sending another SMS to 09664552255 with the below
format –
SACC <CustID> <Account-No>
e.g., If your Customer Id is 12345678 and want to change the Account
Number for getting balance to 03219870006541,
send SMS “SACC 12345678 03219870006541” to 09664552255
(This is a one-time activity and customer will get balance for this account on giving
Missed Call, till he/she changes the account again)
For more info you can Helpdesk at 1800-425-5784 or write to


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Income Tax slab for FY 2013-14 and AY 2014-15

As March is approaching everyone is worried about their Income tax and Tax saving .Here is quick look of Income tax slab for Financial year 2013-14 and Assessment year 2014-15.If you want to calucalute your Income tax there is widget provided on footer of page which will easily let you know how much tax you have to pay in FY 2013-14


RBI declare 2005 currency note as Expiry from 1 April 2014

RBI has announced that from 1 April 2014 all currency note that was issued before 2005 will be discontinued.All banks will withdraw these notes after March 31 ,2014. It has asked the public not to panic and said it has done this in the past more than once.

In press release RBI has asked public to exchange these note from banks,To identify your note whether it was issued prior to 2005 ,just reverse the note and locate on botton of note there it will have year which shows year of printing.Refer screen shot

From July 1 ,2014 those who wish to exchange more than 10 piece of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 will have to give their proof of identity and residence to the bank in case they are non-customers.

These step taken by RBI will sure help in curbing black money in economy.In press release by RBI on their website The RBI has asked people not to PANIC