Monday, November 17, 2014


State Bank Smart Payout Card is a prepaid Card which is issue within INDIA and in  Indian Rupees powered by VISA. It is an ideal product for making periodical payments like salary, wages, commission, etc and also can be issued as an add-on Card for the existing account holders.It  can be used for cash withdrawal at ATMs, for purchase transactions at merchant establishments and for e-Commerce transactions i.e., for online payment.This card request can be done at your SBI branch
State Bank Smart Payout cards' are enabled for Cash withdrawal,Balance enquiry at other Bank ATMs(will be charged as prescribed from time to time) currently Rs.20/-Per withdrawal and Rs.9/- for balance enquiry.

Feature of SMART Payout Card
Usage of this card
i. For Corporates: Employees/Workers/Contract labourers of Corporate/MCG/SME customers etc.
ii. For Individuals: To all KYC compliant primary account holders for ultimate use by beneficiaries (dependents).

This can be helpful for customer who do not use DEBIT card frequently and he/she do not wants to pay annual FEE for DEBIT card.
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