Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pay for LPG cylinder Online: mylpg.in

In order help to urban consumers, Ministry of  Petroleum and Natural Gas, has launched an online payment facility for booking LPG refill cylinders.Earlier this facility was only limited for Booking but now consumer can pay for booking also online.

Now Consumers can now refill their LPG cylinders at any time and get them delivered. They need not to worry about change or to have cash. They can pay the exact amount online via payment gateway

This will be a boon  for  working couples as well as to senior citizens as they can make the payment online without bothering to keep adequate cash at home.

Consumers can avail the service through web portal www.mylpg.in,  or user can visit correpondin g LPG company website http://my.ebharatgas.com/  https://indane.co.in  http://myhpgas.in/ which is available in 13 languages.Apart from this  consumer can carry out all LPG activities like booking, tracking, receipt of subsidy details etc.