Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pay using mVISA: NO Card Required at POS: SBI

State Bank of India (SBI), the launch of mVisa, a mobile-based payment solution. This helps customers to make payments from their smartphones just by scanning the unique merchant QR (Quick Response) code, at merchant outlets.

mVisa is a card-less solution which facilitates payment by scanning the QR code displayed at the merchant outlet or from the merchants mobile. SBI customers (both Debit Card holders as well as Internet Banking customers, having transaction rights) You can do  easy payments to the merchants by simply scanning QR code image hence there is no  need to swipe the physical card at a point-of-sale (PoS) machine. Bank customer can simply download the latest version of SBI Anywhere application, from ‘Google Play Store’ and need to register for mVisa payments by simply clicking the mVisa icon on the home screen.

 SBI mVisa merchant app is also available in ‘Google Play Store’ and is used for receiving the payment notification, generation of static and dynamic QR codes, viewing transaction history etc. by the merchants. SBI mVisa merchants can accept payment from any mVisa customers. While in case of static QR code amount is filled by the mVisa customer himself, in case of dynamic QR code amount can be filled by merchants and can be authorized by the customer after scanning of QR code.

 Any Bank mVisa customer can transact on any mVisa merchants and likewise any mVisa merchant can accept payment from mVisa customers of any bank. It provides convenience of quick transaction, along with enhanced security,

The best part of this sericce is that  customers need not to  share their's Card or Mobile with the merchant anytime during the payment process.


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